Lunch Information

Maschio's Food Services has been proudly serving lunch to Morris Plains students since 2004. A full lunch costs $3.25 with options for a Free or Reduced lunch price. Please check the district website for more information regarding eligibility.

Every meal served meets State and Federal nutritional requirements.We offer varied menu choices, including kids' favorites and work hard to have fresh fruit and vegetables available daily. Monthly menus are available in the cafeteria, on the school's website, in backpack mail, or by visiting https.//

All meals include a protein, whole grain, vegetable, fruit and low fat milk. Students may choose any three components or up to all five to make a complete meal. We also offer a variety of ala carte items to round out a lunchbox meal or satisfy a larger appetite.

Students who choose to eat lunch with us have a lot of options.

  • Daily hot offerings include a choice of Main entree or Tyson chicken sandwich meal, Hamburger or Cheeseburger meal, Sabrett Hot Dog meal, or Personal Pan pizza meal.

  • Cold offerings include Cereal and Bagel Boxes ( containing fruit , baby carrots, Dannon yogurt and string cheese), or freshly prepared salads.

We also serve a variety of ala carte snacks which can be purchased with cash or your child's ticket if the ticket is current. Hot pretzels, fresh baked cookies, ice cream, a variety of baked chips and CinniMinni warm cinnamon rolls are available daily and follow the “Smart Snacks” for schools guidelines.

Sounds good, but how do I get my child a reusable ticket?

  • We're excited to be using the computerized cash register system. If you choose this option you can add money to your child's account online, replenish their account automatically and view a detailed account of your child's purchases. Every student is in the system whether they've bought a ticket or not and can be accessed by a cashier if needed to aid the student purchasing.

  • You may send a check with your child, made out to MPBOE in an envelope with your child's name and teacher on the front.

  • Send your child with cash, best only for occasional lunch purchases or snack.

Tickets are usually purchased in increments of 5 lunches ( 5 for $16.25, 10 for $ 32.50, 15 for $48.75 and 20 for $65.00)

All monies remaining on a student's ticket at the end of the school year will automatically roll over to the following year. Graduating 8th grade is excluded.

We enjoy serving lunch to your children and strive to make it an affordable, nutritious and appealing option.