Intervention & Referral Services

The Morris Plains School District shall provide a program of intervention and referral services for all students who may be experiencing learning, behavior, and/or health difficulties to help them function productively and develop positively in the classroom environment.

A staff member or agency shall provide in writing a request for intervention services for students ages 3-14, to the building Principal or designee. The request shall contain the following:

  • Reason for request.
  • Descriptive behavior of student performance.
  • Indication of the prior interventions.

Teachers and other school personnel, as appropriate, will be in-serviced annually by the building Principal or designee regarding the procedures for initiating and providing interventions in the general education program. Staff members are also provided information regarding the identification of students through each building's student handbook.

Parents are apprised of the role of the I&RS team and how to access them, through the district's website and student handbooks, which are distributed annually. Outside agencies are apprised of procedures for interventions in general education through the district's website. The Superintendent or designee will oversee the district's implementation and effectiveness of the procedures for interventions in the general education program.

An I&RS Committee will be in place in each school building pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-8.1. The building Principal or designee will be responsible for the following:

  • The implementation and effectiveness of building level I&RS Committee.
  • Will identify the roles and responsibilities of building staff who participate in planning and providing intervention services.
  • Review, assess and document the effectiveness of the services provided in achieving the outcome identified in the intervention plan.

The I&RS Committee shall:

  • Plan and provide appropriate intervention services.
  • Actively involve the parent(s) in the development and implementation of intervention plans.
  • Develop an action plan for an identified student which indicates specific tasks, resources, persons responsible, completion dates, date for review.
  • Coordinate the services of community based social and health provider agencies.
  • Process and complete the documentation forms.
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of the services provided in achieving the outcomes identified in the intervention and referral plan.
  • Ensure the type, frequency, duration, and effectiveness of the interventions are documented.