504 Accommodation Plans

The 504 Accommodation Plan is guided by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that a student with a disability has access to accommodations to improve academic functioning, as the disability affects the student's ability to perform academically and make progress.

In order to qualify for a 504 Accommodation Plan, a student must have a diagnosis; however, a diagnosis does not ensure that your child will be granted a 504 Accommodation Plan. The diagnosis can include a physical or emotional disability, recovering from a chemical dependency, or impairment (e.g. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) that restricts one or more major life activity.

A document is created that specifies the disability as well as the accommodations needed by the student. Accommodations can consist of: moving a child's seat, permitting a child to have frequent snacks or drink in the classroom due to a diagnosis (e.g., diabetes, etc), providing extended time on tests or assignments, modifying test questions, and/or providing statewide testing accommodations. Note that a student is not able to receive specialized instruction (e.g., in-class resource program or out-of-class resource replacement) through a 504 Accommodation Plan.