Borough School offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities. All students are encouraged to take an interest and participate in one or more phases of our co-curricular program. Participation in co-curricular activities is a very important part of our school experience, and gives every student an opportunity to develop special interests and talents.

First In Math - The First in Math Club is for students from third through eighth grade to help improve their math skills in an interactive and engaging way. First in Math in an online program designed to support and build students’ math skills. Students work at their own pace and the program is differentiated according to the age and skills of appropriate practice. The content is designed to challenge all students, from intervention to gifted. Participating in the First in Math Club will promote students to improve their fluency of facts and become better problem solvers. The games range from simple shape matching to complex CT/Coding. The K to 8 content is organized into six basic modules: Skill Sets; Just the Facts; Know & Show; Workout Gyms; Bonus Games and Measurement World. Students can access the site 24/7, even at home! In addition to the online program, students also have the opportunity to play the hands-on 24 Game with other students participating in the club. The First in Math Club is a great opportunity for students to practice and enhance their math skills!

Advisor: Mrs. Koeck

Homework Club - Homework Club is an after school group for students who need support completing homework. The club provides students with a quiet place to work on their homework and meets three days a week. This is a teacher recommended program, children are selected to participate in the program through recommendations from a teacher.

Advisor: Ms. Bruhn

Instrumental Music - The Band Program at Borough School is offered to students in grades 4-8. Students who sign up to be a part of the program choose an instrument of focus from the Brass, Woodwind, or Percussion Families. Students are grouped for lessons based on their instrument and level of advancement, and meet weekly to work on furthering their skills on their instrument, with regard to both technique and musicality as well as music literacy and theory. Lessons are given during the school day on a pull-out basis. The schedule runs with a rotating structure, so that students are not missing the same classes each week. Students are expected to practice at home between their lessons to advance their skills and be prepared for their lesson each week. In addition to participating in weekly lessons, students in the Band Program also take part of one of the early-morning bands, appropriate for their grade level. Each band meets once per week before school, on their assigned scheduled day.

  • Beginning Band: Strictly for 4th Grade band students (or 5th Graders who didn’t join in 4th Grade and are true beginners.) This group performs only at the Spring Concert, but take weekly lessons throughout the school year.

  • Concert Band: For 5th & 6th Grade band students who have gone through the Beginner Band Program. This group performs at both the Winter and Spring Concerts, in addition to taking weekly lessons throughout the school year.

  • Wind Symphony: For 7th & 8th Grade band students (or very advanced younger students.) This group also performs at both the Winter and Spring Concerts, in addition to taking weekly lessons throughout the school year.

  • Jazz Band: An optional group for 6th-8th Grade students who want an additional music group to be a part of. This group can also include players on keyboard, guitar, and/or bass (auditions required, as these instruments are not offered in the regular lesson schedule.) The Jazz Band performs at both the Winter and Spring Concerts, and as a smaller band ensemble, this group represents the Borough Band Program on special events and field trips, such as the MCCEA Mall Project and the Student Council Senior Citizen Luncheon.

Advisor: Mrs. Sousa

Intramurals - The intramural program is an extension of the P.E. curriculum. Games, skills and activities will be conducted during the scheduled time. All activities take place in the gymnasium. No additional equipment is needed. Participants should report to the gym lobby after school on the scheduled dates for their grade. A participation packet will be made available to all students in grades 3-6. The packet will include a permission slip and schedule that includes the dates and times.

Advisor: Ms. Romano

Select Chorus - The Select Chorus is an auditioned group of students in grades 5-8 that would like additional and more challenging music in their lives. It is a small group of students, and they represent the Borough School choral department on events and field trips throughout the year. Auditions are held twice per year (once in September, and again in February.) Rehearsals are held weekly during the students’ lunch block time. Students in Select Chorus enjoy singing a wide variety of choral music, including pieces that are multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and varied in genre. Students also spend time learning and practicing proper singing technique, focusing on vocal placement, breathing, diction, ear-training for harmonies, and more. Some regularly-occurring performances the Select Chorus participates in include, but are not limited to, the Choral Consortium at Oak Knoll School, MCCEA Mall Project, Student Council Senior Citizen Luncheon, and seasonal performances at Joyful Noise Nursery School, in addition to the Winter and Spring Concerts.

Advisor: Ms. Quinn

Yearbook - The Yearbook allows the eighth grade students the ability to express themselves creatively. The students are shown how to use the Walsworth Yearbook Online Design Program, they are then partnered up with another student and given the opportunity to design a yearbook pages. They have the ability to work on their design both in school as well as at home. In addition to designing the different yearbook pages, the students also take part in completing various other yearbook related tasks, i.e. taking photos at sporting events, dances, concerts to name a few. As the end of the school year approaches, the students are able to see the culmination of their work as they assist with yearbook distribution at the end of the school year.

Advisor: Mrs. McNichol