Drop Off & Pick Up

Early Building Admittance

Any student desiring early admittance into the building must be dropped at the front of the building, sign in at the main office, and must be directly supervised by that staff member. Morning supervision from a designated staff member will take place at the main entrance beginning at 7:30 AM. Students should not be dropped off prior to 7:30 AM unless they have a previous appointment with a teacher.

Morning Drop-Off

In order to provide the safest, most efficient morning drop off, we ask that all students be dropped off at the rear of the building. Students will then enter the school through thre gym lobby doors. Morning supervision from a designated staff member will take place at the rear entrance beginning at 7:45 AM. Students will be dismissed at 8:00 AM to report to period one. Students arriving to school after 8:05 AM must report to the office to be signed in as tardy.

Early Dismissal

Parents are requested to not ask to have their child dismissed from school before the regular dismissal time. However, in the event it does become necessary due to a medical or dental appointment or emergency, the student must present a written request for early dismissal to the school office. At the early dismissal time, students will report to the office where they will be dismissed when their parents arrive. No student will be allowed to leave school without her/his parent or guardian. Students must be in attendance for four hours in order to be marked present and participate in after school activities.

Dismissal/Afternoon Pick-Up

The final bell for dismissal from school rings at 3:00 PM. Pick up for all students in cars takes place behind the gymnasium. Students in grades three, four, and five should be picked up in our Borough School parking lot, while students in grades six, seven, and eight should be picked up in the Simon's Park parking lot. If you have children in both grade groups, you may pick the parking lot that is most convenient for you. The hope is that this alleviates any potential congestion on Mountain Way and in the Borough School parking lot, allowing for more than ample parking for all vehicles. There is a crossing guard who will cross all children from the school property over to the Simon's Park lot.

Cars are not permitted to park in "the circle" during afternoon pick-up. Each day, many cars flow through the afternoon pick-up area. All parents are urged to utilize safe driving practices, be alert to cars departing from the parking spots, and maintain a safe, slow speed. We need to work together to maintain a safe, effective drop-off and pick-up procedure.

Additional Helpful Information

  • Students who are eligible to take the bus are highly encouraged to utilize this service. This will reduce the amount of cars using the parking lot.

  • Please consider carpooling with a friend or neighbor. Effective carpooling will also reduce the amount of cars using the parking lot.

  • Be a good member of the Morris Plains community and a model for our students. Each person on the line has reasons for leaving as quickly as they can. Everyone wants to exit quickly. Practice responsible driving practices by giving the right of way to others, driving slowly, and always being alert.